Mergers of Hospitals and Physicians’ Practices

Mergers of Hospitals and Physicians’ Practices are complicated legal operations. These mergers are affected by at least 10 different federal laws and regulations, as well as similar state laws and regulations:

  • Anti-Trust
  • Corporate Practice of Medicine Prohibitions
  • FDA Regulations
  • Federal and State anti-kickback laws
  • Federal and State false claim acts
  • Fee Splitting Statutes
  • Medicare and Medicaid Billing and Reimbursement Regulations
  • Private Inurement for tax-exempt entities
  • Stark Law and State Self Referral Prohibitions


Physicians often do not realize that all of these laws and regulations are involved in contracts with hospitals and healthcare networks. Review of the circumstances of their practices and those of the other party by an experienced health care attorney is advisable in all cases.

Health Care Employment Lawyer

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